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David Destructo


I was told that this site is about giving the "fan expert" a voice, while I don't claim to be an "expert" by any means, I have the ability to paint some pretty pictures with my words. So please take anything i say with a grain of salt, most of my articles, opinion wise will be in jest, and all in good fun. Offending and upsetting people isn't my cup of tea.

I've had first hand experience in the racing world, both professional and as a hobby, so I at least can say without a reasonable doubt a lot of my words are not just "arm chair quarterbacking".

I honestly hope my readers never feel that I give off that impression that I know better, or could have done it better, because given a lot of the situations in professional sports they are there for a reason and I respect that. I'm writing about it, because, well, I can't hack it as a professional athlete, and I recognize that. I don't expect, or want to be. As they say, "Those who cannot do, write about it." I may have made that up, but you catch my drift.

While some of my articles may criticize sports, one must understand that I still respect those even if I don't agree, or like them. I feel part of the problem with sports is people, writers, and fans alike, take things way too seriously. Honestly, have a sense of humor, laugh at others, laugh at yourself. I realize that some many not agree with me in what I say, and may not like it; but Its also safe to say I'll have that disagreement with others on their views, but don't get carried away. Agree to disagree, be a gentlemen (or gentle lady) about it, and you'll earn my respect much more than showing me your some fool hearty blow hard that is blindingly optimistic for a team because "it's your team".

As i think of more, or perhaps more insightful material i'll add it accordingly. For now, that is all. I hope you enjoy or are in the least "entertained" by my articles and ideas.

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