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  • Ernest Shepard posted 1800 days ago

    Ernest Shepard

    Daniel I appreciate the passion that you have displayed about the Bulls. It is what makes writing a wonderful experience. At times we as fans (I'm a fan first and foremost), observers, writers, 'experts', etc., are inaccurate with our assessments regarding a topic because they are opinions. I cannot say that my beliefs are accurate because it's my opinion and an opinion is just that, an opinion. In my opinion, the Bulls have not done a great job of identifying and developing young talent. I will mention a few names.

    1. James Johnson: A clearly talented player that Thibodeau would take the time to put him on the floor and allow him to learn from his mistakes.
    2. Jimmy Butler: At this point the Bulls are not built to win the title as they say. His development would come with more playing time. That time he should have received during a hodgepodged 66 game season. He would be farther along if this had happened.
    3. Norris Cole was orginally a draft pick of the Bulls.
    Also, the Bulls rarely draft players with a high upside, opting to go with high-character players instead. There is nothing wrong with that, but I would only draft the best player available and have my coach make it work.

    Lastly, the players you mentioned are all good players. Rose is a great player and Noah and Deng are all-star level guys. Only Noah is better than what everyone expected him to be. Deng should be better but injuries early in his career has limited him. Taj should have at least one go-to move offensively. These are only my opinions though. If you disagree with my opinions, I can respect that. Our difference in opinion are what creates great discussions.

  • Haddon Anderson posted 1839 days ago

    Haddon Anderson

    Daniel, sorry to hear you didn't enjoy my article. I was honestly not at all trying to communicate that Gibson is the primary reason for the Bulls' struggles this season. He's a piece to their struggles, but by no means the chief reason. I agree with you that the absence of D-Rose is killing the Bulls right now. There's no denying that. But based on Gibson's new contract and his subsequent poor play to begin the season, there's reason to wonder if he is a bit overrated. There's also reason to wonder if the Bulls should've kept Omer Asik and traded Gibson during the offseason. Do these thoughts make more sense? Once again, sorry that the flow of my article didn't resonate with you.