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Apart from family and friends, my two greatest loves are sports and writing. So you might see how sportswriting suits me pretty well. As a Boston fan who's lived in West Virginia his whole life (and now goes to college in upstate NY), I'm used to the ragging that comes with cheering for these polarizing teams.

I'm an NFL/New England Patriots Featured Columnist as well as a member of the Breaking News team, and I'd be happy to converse with anyone who wants to discuss a topic or offer criticism of an article. I'm also writing for Brian Burke's Advanced Football Analytics site this season. I'm always looking to reach out and connect with other writers and sports fans who are passionate and knowledgeable about their favorite sports and teams, so don't hesitate to leave a comment or shoot me a message. Follow me @sxie1281

Oh, and just for clarification on the last name- pronounced "Z" (yes, just like the letter).

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  • Ryan Desmarais posted 2 days ago

    Ryan Desmarais

    Not a problem, Sterling. Good work on the Jones piece!

  • Ned Dana posted 10 days ago

    Ned Dana

    Anytime, Sterling.

  • Mike Wilson posted 37 days ago

    Mike Wilson

    No problem, Sterling.

  • Cal Gildart posted 67 days ago

    Cal Gildart

    You're more than welcome, Sterling.

  • Delores Smith-Johnson posted 129 days ago

    Delores Smith-Johnson

    You're welcome, Sterling!

  • Justin Neuman posted 137 days ago

    Justin Neuman

    No problem, Sterling. Glad to help.

  • Tiffany Brennan posted 144 days ago

    Tiffany Brennan

    You're welcome, Sterling!

  • Cassie Houchin posted 161 days ago

    Cassie Houchin

    You're welcome, Sterling!

  • Sterling Xie posted 165 days ago

    Sterling Xie

    Jerard, I'd say that Nix is probably the best fit in the Pats system of "realistic" first-round targets. The tight ends are all great, and I think any of the big 4 (Ebron, ASJ, Amaro, Niklas) would make the offense better. But we don't know what we're getting from any of the top 3 DTs, with all coming off debilitating injuries. Either way, it's time to start looking to the future at the position, as the Pats have built their D around a anchor in the middle. I see Nix as a potential long-term difference-maker at the position. But would certainly have no complaints about a potentially game-changing TE either, obviously.

  • Sterling Xie posted 165 days ago

    Sterling Xie

    Hey Jason, just saw you're comment, and I'd like to clear up a misunderstanding. I'm not saying United won't finish top 4 "because" of Mata's acquisition; I made it clear I think he makes them better. But I don't think he comes close to putting them over the top (as the past 2 weeks have shown), and there's probably not enough time to erase the deficit. Totally agree that they'll be in contention next season with better health, though.

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