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Childhood wrestling fan, UK football fan and Golf fan.

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  • Erik Beaston posted 1757 days ago

    Erik Beaston

    Again Lewis, thanks for the compliment. I appreciate it. And thanks for being letting me know about the duplication of the articles and for calling out what you thought was wrong. I like to think the readers here are as equally as important as the writers. We, the writers, aren't always kept up to date on what is being posted as far as breaking news goes so for you and other readers to let us know when we are stepping on each other's toes helps keep things less chaotic.

  • Erik Beaston posted 1757 days ago

    Erik Beaston

    Lewis, I appreciate your kind words about my previous writing. And I appreciate you calling the writers out here at Bleacher Report when you see something wrong. But, again, I can assure you that when I submitted my article to be posted, there was no other article covering the same breaking news topic I was covering. Had there been, I surely would not have wasted my time covering the same topic someone else had, especially when I have a number of pre-Royal Rumble articles I have to have posted before tomorrow night's show.

    As soon as I saw the other TWO articles on the main page covering the same topic, followed by your comment underneath my article, I deleted the article from the site as to show respect to my fellow writers and as not to steal readers from them.

    As I stated in my response to your comment, there are times when breaking news articles are submitted to the editors here on Bleacher Report and are posted at the same time, resulting in duplicate articles covering the same topic. It happens and, most of the time, the editors are very good at their jobs and delete the duplicates in a timely manner. With so many articles being posted this week in regards to the Royal Rumble, this may have been the case where an article slipped through the cracks.

    I assure you my integrity cannot, and will not, be affected by any outside source. I apologize if I let you down today as a writer but I guarantee what you may have construed as plagiarism was nothing more than an honest mistake.

    I take my work here on Bleacher Report far too seriously and respect the other writers on this site far too much to rip them off.