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  • Alex Levy posted 2482 days ago

    Alex Levy

    by the way see Ben Auty's "F1 think it's rock and roll now" article. Unless you already had a peek , just in case you have not had the chance i highly recommend you take 5 (it's a long one) in light of your comments regarding Kimi not having a proper go at Hamilton. Let me know what you thought of it!

  • Alex Levy posted 2482 days ago

    Alex Levy

    Hey Stoil; I saw your comment on the article Lewis takes out Raikkonen, you mentioned raikkonen took it lightly because two weeks ago in Monaco he took out Sutil... I'd like to believe there's an even more interesting plot behind this, i will not give out my ideas under a comment thread as this is part of my next article which I would like to get your view and comment on.. thanks

  • Ryan Droege posted 2520 days ago

    Ryan Droege

    Excellent article Stoil! I look forward to more great works from you in the future.