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Growing up a coach's son at a small university in Montgomery, Alabama and working with the Naismith Awards for 5 years I've had a interesting view of college sports with the behind the scenes drama as well as challenges coaches, schools and players face. While the college was small my father's influence was vast and therefore I grew up knowing many of college sports movers and shakers. I never wanted to follow in his footsteps and become a coach because of the time demands that require sacrifice of family if you want to succeed. However I became a student of "the game" from early on. I was the youngest scout in the country. As a fourth grader I began keeping in-game charts and stats.

I believe college sports is the purest form that is played at the highest level. Most of my heros will never get paid a dime and the hardest working athletes can usually make the difference in a game over a more athletic competitor. Most coaches are not in it merely for the glory. They mentor their players in issues of life and are willing to sacrifice of themselves to help their players acheive success off the court.

Most important are the fans who have the greatest passion of any fans in the world. We love our team and love to hate our foes. Fans are at the heart and soul of college sports. They will scream until their voice implodes just for the chance to make a collective diffence in a game.

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