The Rock

The Rock


Born in Voss, Norway, The Rock emigrated while still a child to Chicago. He grew up in the Logan Square area of Chicago, on the northwest side of the city. Learned to play football in his neighborhood and later played end in a local group called the Logan Square Tigers. He attended North West Division High School in Chicago playing football and also running track. He took a job as a mail dispatcher with the Chicago Post Office for four years. When he was 22, he had saved enough money to continue his education. Rock headed to South Bend, Indiana, to finish his schooling. He was the laboratory assistant to noted polymer chemist Julius Arthur Nieuwland at Notre Dame, but rejected further work in chemistry after receiving an offer to coach football.

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  • kevin durant posted 1577 days ago

    kevin  durant

    wat up

  • James Williamson posted 3389 days ago

    James Williamson

  • Bleacher Report posted 3390 days ago

    Bleacher Report

    What's up Rock? Backbone to plagiarize someone else's comment WORD FOR WORD but not to answer for it? That the kind of integrity and responsibility they preach at ND?

    Direct quote from cfb360's reply to a comment I made on his article at posted 21 hours ago:

    "It is a defense of the baseless accusations aimed at Notre Dame by contrasting what Notre Dame has done with the hypocritical stance of Willingham. He jabs the rest of college football for not doing what he himself has the most power to control and hasn't done. In contrast, the "racist school" (Notre Dame) has acted decisively to create the stepping stones necessary to create minority coaching opportunities


    The intent of the article is to expose the underlying hypocrisy that Notre Dame (which hired an AA HC and two AA coordinators) has been called racist, while Willingham (who has had more direct power to influence pipeline) complains about racism, stokes the fires and does nothing. I find this hypocritical.

    The intent is not to pat backs, but through comparison of the two, draw out the underlying hypocrisy. "

    WORD FOR WORD IDENTICAL. The ellipsis indicates where you removed a single line that made no sense in response to the article.

    So what's up man?

    You passing off cfb's words as your own or are you the same person with multiple IDs to make it look like people agree with you?

    Weak chump.

  • Dave Finocchio posted 3546 days ago

    Dave Finocchio

    Hi Scott -

    I'm one of the founders of Bleacher Report and an ND Alum.

    I've heard that you're down in Santa Clara, and might be available to meet tomorrow. I could make it down at 8pm ish, or early morning. Otherwise, let's definitely set up a time via phone.

    Thanks, and look forward to chatting.