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  • Brent Wright posted 1480 days ago

    Brent  Wright

    Joe Flacco Is A ELITE Quarterback!

  • Curtis Shaw posted 1966 days ago

    Curtis Shaw

    Sorry to bother you, but I respect your opinion, so I thought I'd ask you a question. What the heck is happening here? I only found Bleacher Report a month or so ago. I thought the articles were for the most part insightful and the comments for the most part rational, so I joined. I've noticed a shocking amount of vehemence in the comments recently, most concerning McCoy and the offensive line. What happened last year? Did people really argue that the offensive line wasn't part of the Browns' struggles last year? Were there articles? I was just hoping you could offer me some insight.

  • Brian Stepanek posted 2056 days ago

    Brian Stepanek

    Daymon, I share your concern with respect to passing on DeCastro...W. T. F.

  • BigDaaDee posted 2091 days ago


    2 days Bro, I expect to holla at you Thursday night or Friday morning... Go Browns!

  • Daymon Johnson posted 2118 days ago

    Daymon Johnson

    Mark, you're an absolute moron..........quite posting crap like that because I disagree with your point of view on my page......

  • Mark C posted 2118 days ago

    Mark C

    You don't like being called a liar - then don't lie, Daymon - pretty simple concept, don't ya think so? You don't like being called a liar - don't spread lies about the Browns!

    You said the Browns did NOTHING to keep Peyton Hillis - twice I posted links to you to show you they did try, twice for GOBS of money!! Still, even with the PROOF I gave you - you STILL spread the lie that the Browns did nothing to keep Hillis.

    Lie #2 - You started spreading the lies and gossip the Browns did not even TRY to sign Jeremy Mincey - again I provided YOU a link showing you that the Browns DID try.
    Here is one that says you're a liar -

    And here is ANOTHER showing you spread lies-

    Then you said the Browns didn't make a move for Matt Flynn, but they did - another lie

    Then you talked down about the Browns for signing Frostee Rucker - making claims that the guy is NO good and SHOULD have pursued Mincey but didn't..even your lies intertwine with each other.

    But again, I provided a link to show YOU that Rucker WAS a good sign, and the ONLY reason his numbers dropped was he was playing with an injury, first of all, and secondly - he was part of a HEAVY rotation on the D line in Cincy - and that would make anyone's numbers drop.

    Then you continually complain because the Browns weren't active in FA - and again, I gave you many links showing you they actually HAVE been saying all along they wouldn't be. So how do you complain about someone who is doing exactly what they said? Should the Browns scrap their blue-print just to appease YOU? They aren't showing YOU they want to win? I gave you tons of material to substantiate that THEY ARE following the right path...they ARE building a winner BECAUSE they are in fact following the RIGHT blue-print that successful and Super Bowl teams used...THAT alone should say they are on the right path.

    Now, stop spreading lies and rumors about my favorite football team - and I won't have to SHOW you the lies you spread. You spread lies - I will expose those lies for what they are. Don't give me anything to expose - simple. You can certainly express your opinion - I respect that - I don't respect lies and false information with the intent to put the Browns in a negative light.

  • Brian Stepanek posted 2139 days ago

    Brian Stepanek

    Hey Daymon,

    What are your thoughts on the Brownies trading down from the #4 spot?

  • jennifer teamah posted 2375 days ago

    jennifer teamah


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  • Daniel Lonespree posted 2559 days ago

    Daniel Lonespree

    Hey great article on the rooney rule!! im glad someone has the courage to post that!!! Im all for equal opportunity, but its not the right way to go about it......thanks for the post

  • JW Nix posted 2867 days ago

    JW Nix

    a remembrance :