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  • Will posted 485 days ago



    As for you . . . you seemingly do not understand that Bleacher Report is all about participating.

    Counting post makes you look desperate . . . and stupid.

    Mostly stupid.


    I am not going anywhere.

    If you and Stud want to debate and/or disagree with anything that I have say . . . please feel free to do so.

    Like I said . . . you were all too happy to troll the Jets team page when you had the chance.

    Now . . . it is my turn to return the favor.

    The problem with you Tebow fanatics is you always seem to forget what goes around comes around.

  • Will posted 485 days ago



    But . . . THAT . . . never stopped you.

    Did it ???

    So now . . . as far as I am concerned . . . all bets are off.

    You thought it was so-o-o-o damn funny to rattle our cage needlessly that I will now continue to rattle yours.

    Where ever Tim Tebow goes . . . I will not be far behind.


    And . . . just think . . . it will all be due to the fact that you were such an ignorant and arrogant Stud Muffin.

  • Stud Lee posted 510 days ago

    Stud Lee

    Actually Will, here is what you write on my public board.
    "Once you and the other Tebow fanatics leave our team page . . . I will not be following you or Tebowmania anywhere."

    Don't your Jets need you?

  • Will posted 510 days ago



    Since you are too dumb to figure it out on your own . . . I will now spell it out for you and put it in a place that will constantly remind you.

    My so-called obsession . . . if you want to call it that . . . has nothing to do with Tim Tebow.


    It does . . . however . . . have everything to do with the extremely arrogant and obnoxious Tebowmaniacs like yourself.

    Last season . . . you and your Tebow fanatic friends came onto the Jets team page and started trashing our team.

    In other words . . . trolling and showing us no respect.

    I said then . . . and I will say it again . . . I promised myself that one day I would do whatever I could to get even and pay you back with interest.

    In other words . . . return the favor.

    You talk about Tebow haters and naysayers all the time.

    Well now . . . with absolutely no respect . . . I will do you one better and start talking about all of you Tebow haters and hypocrites.

    It sure seems to me that wherever you go . . . and whatever you do . . . you start hating and disrespecting the teams that no longer want him.

    You delighted in bashing our team.

    And . . . more to the point . . . you seemingly have nothing nice to say about anyone not wanting him or standing in his way.

    Like I said . . . and will now repeat . . . you are the ones that have been doing all of the hypocritical and self-righteous hating.

    And . . . more to the point . . . you have done it continuously with little or no regard or respect for the actual fans of the teams involved.