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  • Eric Newman posted 1267 days ago

    Eric Newman

    Hi Jack. Thanks for the latest "props." This time for "Athletes Whose First Names You Don't Know." How'd you score on the quiz? Best, Eric

  • Eric Newman posted 1294 days ago

    Eric Newman

    Hi Jack,

    Another "props" from you! This one for the funniest international sports video article. Hope it gave you some good chuckles. Have a great weekend and as always, your support means a lot.



  • Eric Newman posted 1317 days ago

    Eric Newman

    Hi Jack,

    Thanks for the latest "props" you sent my way. This one for the sports quotes that make no sense article. I really appreciate your continued readership and support. - Eric

  • Eric Newman posted 1411 days ago

    Eric Newman

    Hi Jack. Thanks for the read and comment on my article about dumb sports rules. And a big thanks for becoming a fan.

  • Alex Davidow posted 1430 days ago

    Alex Davidow

    thanks for becoming a fan, Jack. Go Orrrrrrrrnge

  • Philip Schawillie posted 1434 days ago

    Philip Schawillie

    Thanks for the kind words, Jack.

  • Benjamin Klein posted 1439 days ago

    Benjamin Klein

    Thanks for the praise, Jack.

  • Jonathan Wasserman posted 1441 days ago

    Jonathan Wasserman

    Thanks Jack much appreciated

  • Dan Carson posted 1442 days ago

    Dan Carson

    Hey Jack,

    Glad you enjoyed the "16 Reasons Sports Were More Fun as a Kid" article. Appreciate the read and the comment, my friend.

    Dan Carson

  • Jonathan Cullen posted 1485 days ago

    Jonathan Cullen

    Hi Jack,
    Thanks for becoming a fan and reading Bleacher Report. Thanks, Jon