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Ed is an African football expert who writes about the continent's sport often from a political, cultural, or religious perspective.

He resides in France and has spent time in North and South Africa.

He is currently Features Editor at Goal Nigeria, a Featured Columnist with Bleacher Report, the Editor of Africa Football Shop and the Primary Features Writer at Kick Off Nigeria.

His work on Africa is featured in the Official FIFA 2014 World Cup Guide as well as the Official Tournament Programme.

He has had work published in various Nigerian newspapers and journals, and has written for In Bed With Maradona, Soccer Laduma, Supersport, Goal International, Goal Ghana, World Soccer, BBC Sport, King Fut, Kick Off, Bleacher Report, Match of the Day Magazine Lovely Left Foot, and Newsround.

He has also been featured on the radio, with Talk Sport.

Please be in touch to chat about African football or the continent in general:

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  • Ricky Granados posted 57 days ago

    Ricky Granados

    Hey Ed a bit late ( I was swamped with work) but I told you african sides gave us trouble, Ivory coast was the toughest game until the QF. Most teams in south america can't really overpower us. Modern Colombian teams have always struggled againts the most phiscaly powerfull teams in the world because they can neutralize our power.

    So half our attcking plays are neutralized, It's almost like playing crippeled. That's why Ibarbo was ineffective; our power players couldn't beat their markers, so Colombia had to almost completly rely on the technical players to do a ton of things.

  • Scott Oguntuase posted 83 days ago

    Scott Oguntuase

    Ed Dove, can't let you get away with this on this your less than perfect Article of Nigeria in regard to African soccer !!

    Why did u left out U-17, U-20 and Women's soccer records of the table ?????
    See when we are you are talking about African soccer in totality, U MUST NEVER LEAVE THOES CATEGORIES OUT !!

    Hey, you did a great job to the point where you included the Olympics and the club championships records of Nigeria in comparison to her counterparts on the continent BUT that DOES NOT DO JUSTICE TO NIGERIA, to buttress and put an honest spin on the multiple colorations to your assessment aimed so high to addressing a full picture. This is bcos u only "CHERRY PICKED"
    you know it Ed Dove !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So where are we, when we are to fine-tune your article with honesty ?? It lies in the "OVERALL & TOTAL PICTURE OF NIGERIAN AFRICA SOCCER HISTORY" ? You can't leave one out only bcos it doesn't suite your article Ed.

    To help you out Ed, below are the 8 complete soccer categories that places Nigeria heads and shoulders above the rest in Africa:

    1. World cup {2nd round performances}
    2. African nations cup {3 titles, 3 finalists, multiple 3rd places}
    3. African club championships {5 titles, yesss much less than Northern African teams}
    4. African Olympic performances and soccer medals {1 title = gold, 1 Silver}
    5. African soccer women's titles and world performances {pretty much every African titles}
    6. African beach soccer ball world performances {Great performance overall}
    7. Africa's U-20 performances & at world stage {2 world cup finalists, many African titles}
    8. Africa's U-17 performances & at world stage {4 world cup titles, the most in the world}

    Altogether, this makes NIGERIA STILL THE UNDISPUTED GIANT OF AFRICA, yess even in soccer too Ed !!
    America cannot even smell this kind of achievement in soccer.

    Ed Dove, I am sorry to pour sand on your ambitious article but it CHERRY PICKED, with BIAS on what it wanted to focus in on, in regard to a narrow soccer picture of the country achieved on the continent in the game of soccer !!

    Your article does not go through all the COMPLETE CATEGORIZATION OF AFRICAN FOOTBALL, in order to paint a COMPLETE PICTURE of Nigeria's overall general dominance in all categories, in a fairly balances assessment, which is more than any other nation on that continent.

    NOTE : ED DOVE pleeeeaaaazzze rewrite this article with less bias and give credit to where it is due.. . and that is to Nigeria !!

    Again, sorry to burst your bubble ED DOVE !!


  • Thomas BroshoesthenTbows posted 177 days ago

    Thomas BroshoesthenTbows

    How in the world you rank E'to higher than Weah? Heck, you didn't even mention Weah's success at Milan. As any other African player been named FIFA's player of the year?

  • Axigxag Preums posted 239 days ago

    Axigxag Preums

    Salut Ed... Usually enjoy your articles on African football. Rare to come across articles that actually dig into the heart of African football. Thank you, I hope you are watching the ongoing CHAN tournament in South Africa. Africa's next big names could be coming from there.

  • Jack Wilshire posted 250 days ago

    Jack  Wilshire

    Also just wondering Ed, what makes you so interested in Africa?

  • Jack Wilshire posted 261 days ago

    Jack  Wilshire

    Do you no anything about Edwin Gyimah of Superport? I remember seeing him against Man City over the summer and he was absolutely brilliant. I've been meaning to ask you forever.

  • Kirk Jackson posted 262 days ago

    Kirk Jackson

    As a person who is very keen on African talent, how do you rate Udinese's Badu? Liverpool appear interested in him. Thanks.

  • no thanks posted 291 days ago

    no thanks

    do you proofread anything? from your article about the biggest world cup group stage upsets:

    "However, considering the differences in quality between Italy and New Zealand, the very fact that the All Whites were not defeated and managed to keep a clean sheet must go down as one of the biggest shocks in group stage history...An early Shane Smeltz goal rattled the Italians and even though Vincenzo Iaquinta responded with a 29th-minute penalty..."

    last time i checked, you can't concede a goal and maintain a clean sheet in the same game

  • no thanks posted 291 days ago

    no thanks

    "Should Wayne Rooney finally deliver at a major tournament, however, then ‘Wazza’ could still reignite the enthusiasm that greeted his arrival onto the scene in 2004."

    this is an idiotic sentence. you clearly acknowledges that he burst onto the scene in 2004. and where did that happen? at EURO 2004, which, last time i checked, is a "major tournament." and why did he burst onto the scene? because he delivered. piss-poor reasoning skills

  • Jon Stakes posted 296 days ago

    Jon Stakes

    Given the recent exploits of Enyeama in Ligue 1, where he has now recorded 12 clean sheets in 14 games and is just 3 minutes shy of the Ligue 1 clean sheet record of 948 minutes (bound to be broken come next match) maybe it would be good to highlight his achievement with a provocative type of article: Is Vincent Enyeama the best goalkeeper in the world?

    Unlike the previous record holder Sirigu Enyeama doesn't have a defence and midfield in front of him, which is the best that money can buy. Whats more I believe he saved two penalties during his 10+ game clean sheet run.

    Just a suggestion, but I hate that African goalkeepers never get the same level of recognition as their counterparts, even if they truely deserve it. At the moment Enyeama is obviously no 1, until proven otherwise.


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