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Hello everyone. I came across this website looking for acticles on pro wrestling. I just recently got back into wrestling after a lengthy absence. However, I've worked the Wikipedia, checked out some DVDs, and pretty much caught up on what I missed. I'm looking forward to reading your acticles and contributing what I can.

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  • Hayley-L Graham posted 2985 days ago

    Hayley-L Graham

    A little tribute to the Golden Age :)

    All feedback/comments welcomed and appreciated!

  • Kendrick Davis posted 2991 days ago

    Kendrick Davis


  • Hayley-L Graham posted 2999 days ago

    Hayley-L Graham

    Truly a One of a Kind superstar!

    Feedback/comments welcomed and appreciated!

  • Hayley-L Graham posted 3005 days ago

    Hayley-L Graham

    In what I consider my best piece to date, take a look back at the original wrestling dynasty!

    Comments/Feedback all appreciated and welcomed!

  • Hayley-L Graham posted 3008 days ago

    Hayley-L Graham

    The Impact of the Phenomenal One!

    Feedback/Comments all welcome and appreciated!

  • Kendrick Davis posted 3012 days ago

    Kendrick Davis

    What's up Chris? Thanks for commenting and welcome to B/R. Here's part 2 of Breaking Point.

  • Hayley-L Graham posted 3013 days ago

    Hayley-L Graham

    Hi and welcome to B/R!

    If you need any assistance, ideas, or just want to chat, drop me a line and I'll be happy to help out anyway I can!

    Hope you have a great experience here!