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  • Bobbi posted 1572 days ago


    Hero: Thank you for serving our country and keeping Me and my Family
    safe.THAT means a lot to me. Our friend Will is also a WarHero.
    Him and Michael Keller served in Nam!

    Skin color isn't important to me. That doesn't make a person who they are.

    LOL. I done the same thing. Loved watching Tim in Denver - never thinking
    his path would cross with our Steelers. When I realized they were playing
    each other in that playoff game, my friends and I said "no chance, no
    problem, The Steelers will win! Well Hero, you know the rest of the story!

    Thanks for answering me on your board, as you can see, I don't have one.

  • Bobbi posted 1572 days ago


    Warhero70: Great News

    "Patriots reach 75-man limit, Tim Tebow survives first cuts"

  • warhero70 posted 1572 days ago


    Bobbi, Just to be clear with you. I don't just hate tebow fans. I dispise them. Tebow himself is someone that I like. I rooted for him in denver and was crushed when he throw the pass that beat the Steelers. I apoligize to you cause I offended you. Make no mistake tho. I hate the self righteous pricks that are your cohort that have no idea about the game of football and degrades anyone who criticize Tebow and will belittle anyone who thinks tebow is not a good QB. I don't like and will never back down from delusional people. Now don't get me wrong here. Tebow is good, not great. A good man, and these days its hard to find a decent man. I will not say he is great. In my thinking Tom Brady is not great. Some of the marines I served with were great, cause they paid the ultimate scrafice to insure that me and others where not the ones coming home in a body bags. But I digress. Narrow minded? My wife is white and surely you can see the colour of my skin. My best friend is from Indonesia, my wifes friends are lesbians. I think not. As for the Tebow fan thing. When there was the old espn comments page before they went to facebook, I used to get flagged and banned by tebow fans just because I would say he was not a good QB. So that is where the narrow minded comes from. Look to your own and tell me, some of you are not narrow minded? I have made a grave mistake and let my feelings of others of your ilk (tebow fans) cloud my judgement of you and for that I am sorry. But for the other parties in the convo I am not, you know who I mean.

  • Bobbi posted 1573 days ago


    Warhero 70: I am also a Steelers fan. I don't understand the reason you don't have any of the Steelers Team Players listed as your favorite athletes. Well, you do have one from the past... Mean Joe Green but no Ben Roethlisburger? Troy Polamalu?

    Just wondering. I believe I have the right to stick my nose in your business since you found it fitting to mention my name on a public bulletin board, in a most negative way. You don't know me. You don't know who I am, yet, you pass judgment as if we were best friends / or more like it 'worse enemies.'

    You are just like all of the rest. Because I am a Tim Tebow fan, you group me in with the other Tebow fans, as if we are 'one person.' If you bothered to take a little time, you would see that each one of us is an individual. Each of us have some good qualities and some bad... just like anyone else.

    I have met so many more like you along the way... Narrow Minded People who don't have a clue as to what anyone is saying. Once you see "Tebow Fan" you shut your thinking off... saying 'That's a Big Bad Tebow Fan!"