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  • Peter Dreach posted 1873 days ago

    Peter Dreach

    yep.. stevie c and these other guys coming out of nowhere are just banned guys like Ruffin trying to stir up trouble... This Gromar nut from last night claims he just found the site yesterday and is there to defend Djoko-- meanwhile- he's talking about things he says I said from weeks ago!! lol! (and he's not even correctt as I never said those things) These guys are just sad.. Ruffin has been in hiding since people exposed him as having made up his whole resume-- he was never a player or coach, Haddad just comes on to take shots at Fed during a loss, and they all have fake id's.. Then there's your favorite "Bleacher Report" poster who makes no sense.. I haven't figured out who he is yet... smh... better to ignore them, but it's hard.