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Terri Andrews

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I am just a woman who loves college football. I really don't follow other sports. I love college football. I have one favorite team - the Tide - but I also like others - Auburn Tigers being a close second - only since the tree thing and the tornado's. Penn State - JoPa, SC, the evil genius - Steve SUPPERIOR- I so respect him as a college coach - him throwing his visor or headphones - makes my day. I hate what Florida State did to papa. He should have been able to choose when he quit. Bobby Bowden was the best thing they ever had. He only wanted one more year. I don't even get why they could not give that to him. Hey we hung with Bear until he chose to hang it up - and then he died. I think you should hang in there with people who brought you to greatness - until they choose to hang it up. Just saying.

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