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  • Micheal White posted 1697 days ago

    Micheal  White

    Seriously why in the world do you troll Steelers articles every damn day??? Why??

  • Alex Wentzell posted 1721 days ago

    Alex Wentzell

    Must be cool to have a movie made about you, lol.

  • Rich Milich posted 1725 days ago

    Rich Milich

    I can't post this on the thread for obvious reasons but I actually agree with a lot of you points. We differ from time to time, especially when it comes to the former #17. I'm not a Tomlin fan so you spot on with your assessment. I disagree with you on Dwyer. Never liked him. To slow getting to and through the holes. Anyway, if I ever come across as an ass, I don't mean to. I enjoy reading your posts. Well thought out.

  • Austin Korte posted 1781 days ago

    Austin Korte

    Here's how I feel. They sign Mike Wallace, draft a running back, and upgrade their Center position at the very least midway through the draft. As long as Andy improves again, and barring a multitude of disastrous injuries, their Offense should be ready for a deep playoff run with Wallace and Green throwing the punches. Most Bengals fans are only focusing on the Defense, thinking that's the side that needs the most help in the draft. I'm not totally sure why. The Defense was the Bengals strong suit, the Offense was the weak point as you've been saying. They would have won that Houston Wild Card game if not for their incredibly anemic Offense.

    But the reason why I feel like Wallace is the right choice over drafting a receiver has more to do with experience than anything. The Bengals are ready to win now, or so I believe. I don't want to risk having to wait and potentially see a newly drafted receiver come in and struggle with rookie mistakes or learning a pro playbook, etc. We already have two of those young guys (Sanu, Marvin Jones) who I do think will eventually be good players, although right now the jury is still out. Yes Wallace will have to learn coming in just like anyone else, but at least he knows what the game is all about in the pros. Not to mention he has Super Bowl experience.

    So unless Patterson falls to 21 (which I can't imagine happening)... I'd rather go with the guy who, yes will cost a lot of money, but will also most likely have a huge chip on his shoulder after being disrespected by a team the Bengals play twice a year. And when AJ Green demands a monstrous contract in two years, just trade Mike. Hopefully by then we'll have won some playoff games, Mike Wallace will have put up great numbers while AJ pulled a lot of the attention away from him, and his market value and draft pick compensation could be pretty decent at only 28 years old.