Justin Teague

Justin Teague


I was born in Korea in 1986. Didn't really get into sports until 1994 when I moved to America. My first stop, Los Angeles, the city made for easy choice with all the sports love in the town. Becoming a Dodgers and Lakers fan was almost immediate. When i moved to Ohio a couple years later, I really got into college football, this included chili cookoffs, four wheeling, and people having shrines in their home of their favorite players. Buckeyes!!Buckeyes!!!Buckeyes!!!! Finally, my freshman year of high school, I moved to Durham, NC. This was my first experience around more NFL fans than College fans. The team wasn't that good but it was a new franchise which was very appealing to me. Plus, my dad was a former Brown fan that converted with the whole Art Modell business. Panthers, Panthers, Panthers.

So anyway, that is my sports team explanations. I figure that is all you will need to hear.

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