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  • Keith Griffin posted 3017 days ago

    Keith Griffin

    I'll wait to see how we get on against the oil well loving bastards next week first, then I shall create a plan of action.

    If we win - Arsenal fans are getting it. Heavy.

    If we lose - Ill write an article on how City are the the dirty cock-rot of the Premiership. "Look how they treated my countryman, Big Dick Dunne!" I will cry!

    Anyway, Im off to Amsterdam tomorrow morning for fun, frolicks and fungus on the fallus (thats a penis to Tipp folk).

    I shall scout Ajax to the utmost and report on their latest players, however, I may be under the influence of Tetrahydocannibol (thats a "joint" to Tipp folk) and the efficiency of my report should be taken with a pinch of salt.

    Tell your woman I said hello and ask her does she have any friends looking for a 6 and half stone man, with greying hair and tattoo's drawn with crayola. All offers accepted.

    Talk soon,


    Thats goodbye to Tipp folk :D

  • Keith Griffin posted 3022 days ago

    Keith Griffin

    Bit of comedy, check it out.

    Thanks as always!

  • Keith Griffin posted 3022 days ago

    Keith Griffin

    Weeeelllll Boi!

    Haha! How you keeping brother?

    I love how your first article is a critique of Rooney. Typical Arsenal fan obsessed with United!

    Bah humbug I say!