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I am a huge Red Sox fan from Iowa City, IA who wants to find his way into the world of professional baseball whether as a writer, scout or statistician. I have a degree in Actuary Science/Statistics from the University of Northern Iowa, but haven't yet landed that sweet job in the world of baseball.

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  • Todd Civin posted 3125 days ago

    Todd Civin

    Thanks for becoming a fan. It'll strike you as odd but the best Sushi I've ever had is at the Tabanacki in downtown IC.

    Another surprise? In heaven there is no beer...That's why we drink it here..Go HAWKS!

  • Mike Kent posted 3125 days ago

    Mike  Kent

    The first half is coming to a end, and the rankings are starting, Please let me know what you think

  • Colin Christopher posted 3285 days ago

    Colin Christopher

    You and me both on Yunel Escobar, Scott. I drafted the kid late in a couple of drafts thinking I was getting one over on everyone. I truly hoped for 80-20-80 with double-digit SBs. And I think you're safe calling Lowrie the starter. Lugo may be making a ton of money...but he flat sucks.

    Oh, and Pedroia will follow up his ROY and MVP awards by teaming with his wife to find a cure for melanoma, at which point it will be revealed that he is actually the long-lost love child of Chuck Norris and Wonder Woman. After that, they'll just give him the MVP in April each year and everyone will agree that he probably deserved it.

  • Scott Gaskill posted 3297 days ago

    Scott Gaskill

    Rookie of the Year, World Series Champ and now Most Valuable Player of the American League! What's next for Dustin Pedroia?