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Sup yall, it's ya boy Lil Ray-Ray here. I am a proud member of the IWC. Let me just start off by saying that I like for everyone to give/get respect for their opinions. If everyone on this cite agreed with everything, it wouldn't be any fun, right? I hate anything racist, sexist, etc. I am typically a nice guy, someone who likes to "care and share," but I don't appreciate people who like to downgrade others. I have no problem with standing up to anyone in the comments section, if I feel it is appropriate. With that being said, welcome to my page, have fun on this cite, and carpe diem!

Finely, RAYducation Time has come back, to, B/R!

1. A man named Charles Osborne had the hiccups for 68 years (about one every 10 seconds). The hiccups stopped one year before he died (poor guy).
2. There are more lifeforms on our skin than there are people living on the planet. (Yes, that's right. We are each a walking world of our own).
3. Russia didn't consider beer to be alcohol until 2011. Before then, it was labeled as a soft drink. Therefore, Jericohol must be a soft drink as well, because I have not heard otherwise from Y2J himself.
4. There are more vacant houses than homeless people in the United States...
5. If you try to suppress a sneeze, you can rupture a blood vessel in your head or neck and die.

Ray's List (Current):

1. Seth Rollins
2. Dean Ambrose
3. Dolph Ziggler
4. Bray Wyatt
5. Cesaro
6. Wade Barrett
7. Damien Sandow
8. Daniel Bryan
9. Kofi Kingston
10. Justin Gabriel

Prestiged Mentions: (no order)

Luke Harper, Bo Dallas, Big E, Cody Rhodes, R-Truth (Conspiracy/Lil Jimmy Gimmick), The Miz, Roman Reigns, Titus O' Neil, Mark Henry, Jack Swagger, Heath Slater, Ryback

I feel like I'm forgetting some but I'll leave it at that.

Ray's List (All-Time)

1. Jeff Hardy (Hardy Boy 4 Life...)
2. Chris Jericho (the true best in the world)
3. WCW Sting (Crow Gimmick)
4. Attitude Era Kane (such an effing underrated superstar)
5. John Morrison (surprised?)
6. Edge (You think you know me...)
7. The Rock (hard choice to make)
8. CM Punk (Pre-Straight Edge Society & 2012 Best in the World Gimmick as a FACE)
9. Triple H (a very hard choice to make)
10. Eddie Guerrero (Viva La Razaaaaaa)

Prestiged Mentions:

Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, Scott Hall

Favorite Wasted Talents:

1. Drew McIntyre (The Chosen One)
2. Evan Bourne
3. Brad Maddox
4. Zack Ryder

The Raylettes (All-Time)

1. Lita
2. Chyna
3. Trish Stratus
4. Melina
5. Victoria (A.K.A. Tara)
6. Torrie Wilson
7. Stephanie McMahon
8. Eve Torres
9. Michelle McCool
10. Mickie James

Prestiged Mentions:

Kaitlyn (gone too soon), Jillian Hall, Mae Young, Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix, Maryse

The Raylettes (Current)

1. Tamina
2. Naomi
3. Paige
4. AJ
5. Layla
6. Alicia Fox
7. Summer Rae
8. Natalya
9. The Bellas

Favorite Managers (Current and All-Time)

1. Paul Heyman
2. A.W. (Abraham Washington)
3. Paul Bearer
4. Vickie Guerrero
5. Zeb Colter
6. Lana ("Rusev...CRUSH!")

(I don't have a rich knowledge of managers)

Ray Squad (Current)

1. The Usos ("UUUUUUUUCE!")
2. Damien Sandow & The Miz
3. Goldust & Stardust

Thas it. (Yeaaaaah, we need more tag teams.)

Ray Squad (All-Time)

1. The Shield
2. DX
3. Hardy Boyz
4. APA
5. Edge & Christian
6. Los Guerreros
7. nWo
8. Nexus (NOT Punk's New Nexus)
9. Brothers of Destruction
10. Morrison & Miz

Prestiged Mentions:

Lay-Cool, MNM, Rated RKO, Hell No, Dudley Boyz

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  • Randy Norton posted 1 day ago

    Randy Norton

    The hEll is the guy below me talking about. Fireology ?

  • Alex Riley is the best 2.0 posted 1 day ago

    Alex Riley is the best 2.0

    So I was working at my job (I'm a welder) and I'm welding and all of a sudden I feel my stomach burning and I look down and my shirt is literally in fire. So I freak out and throw all my stuff on the ground and take my shirt off and throw it on the ground and stomp it out. I burned my stomach up pretty bad and I got it all bandaged up right now. I'll survive but it was some scary sh*t for sure.

  • The GOAT 36 posted 1 day ago

    The GOAT 36

    He's the biggest wrestling star alive that's why!!

  • Spider Man posted 2 days ago

    Spider Man

    yea, i also wanna see jeff hardy back. thats probably y favorite ever. fanned u btw

  • HELL YEAH I'm pumped up!! That Raw was the best, and I mean THE BEST, in months!!! STINGGG came Back!! What do u feel bout Sting vs HHH?? I, for 1, wanted HHH vs Rocky and The Undertaker vs Sting. Not sure how I feel about it:/

    And the fkn Lesnar finally decided to show up regularly on Raw huh?? I tell u if he had appeared like this since day 1 of his return, I wud've been 1 of his biggest supporter. But duh....

    You mean u hadn't seen a Rumble match until last year?!?! Dude thats a shocker to me. I!!

    I hated how the crowd boo'ed Rey that night. Just wanted to tell them to fu*ck themselves the way the treated a legend like Rey. Can't say the exact same for Bootista tho XD

  • The GOAT 36 posted 4 days ago

    The GOAT 36


  • Its Monday Night Raw baby!! Lol what about Wrestlemania?? The Rumble match is my fav of the year!! It'd be so Awesome if Ziggy somehow shocks everyone to win it! So whats your most memorable Rumble match?? I cant wait till Sunday XD

  • Btw, Ready for the last Raw before The Royal Rumble!!! I'm pumped up! I hope things pick up on the Road to Wrestlemania!!

    Btw bro, Randy Savage.....inducted in the Hall of Fame....finally!!

  • YO YO YO YO YO!!!!! I'M BAACCCKKK MA BOY!!! Whats the news???

  • Donovan Griffin posted 6 days ago

    Donovan  Griffin

    Why did the Authority come back at all? I thought Team Cena casted
    them out permanently at Survivor Series. Let thank creative for undermining
    Dolph's huge win. Survivor Series needed to be free simply because... it
    wasn't worth US / Canada money. Brock Lesnar can be awesome. But the
    WWE seems to be happy Lesnar is even there... doing absolutely nothing.
    He hasn't defended the championship since Oct. Man... that's ( Brandon
    Marshall + Lemongrab) unacceptable. And trust me... he'll likely be gone
    after WM. They can't pay him... and if he's just gonna stand around and
    work a match every 2 months, then the WWE and Brock must part ways.
    UFC will unbid them regardless. Ascension is a bad Bizarro version of
    L.O.D. They thought they could get over like dat? Spitting on Hawk's grave?
    Hot legs Lana is the only damn reason we even mention Rusev. And I will
    bet $5... they'll feed his big ass to ( American hero ) John Cena eventually.
    It won't be Ryback.