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My name is David, and I am a huge College Football fan. Alabama is my team.

I love football. I watch all sorts of games on Saturday, SEC or not. It intrigues me to watch different teams at work under different offensive styles and situations. I can tell you a lot about Alabama, but I can also tell you quite a bit about other teams, such as Baylor, or Georgia Tech. Georgia Tech's offensive system has always kept my interest ever since PJ became the head coach.

I try to not wear my Crimson glasses when I write my articles. I want to type up everything from a completely unbiased view. That's always tough to do, but it's something I like to focus on.

I believe there are two things you must account for when you attempt to predict the winner of a football game. Number one is statistics. Statistics never lie; they tell you the truth, the full truth, and nothing but the truth. By observing closely, you can determine a teams' playing style simply by the statistics shown. That's just one of the many things that statistics reveal. While I think statistics play a big factor in the outcome of games, you have one more thing you must put in.

Number two is emotion. Yes. Emotion was the reason Alabama was beaten by Utah. Statistically, Alabama was, and still is a much better team. They played with no intensity, no fire, and were quickly taken out. You can't exactly predict emotion, it just happens. It's a very powerful thing though, and it is the reason for most upsets in football today.

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  • Larry Burton posted 2980 days ago

    Larry Burton

    David, Kin to any Humphries in Attalla, Al? or Panama City, Fl? I know quite a few! Thanks for becoming a fan. I am a fan of your refreshing style of writing and look forward to more things from you in the future.

    Larry Burton
    Alabama Community Leader...