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Tyler Stimson

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I am a prospective Communications Major and student at Brigham Young University, and I enjoy to play, watch and especially write about, sports.

I was born in Chicago and raised in North Las Vegas NV.

I enjoy writing about College Football, College Basketball, NBA and the NFL.

The teams I actively root for are:

NCAAF: BYU Cougars, UNLV Rebels, and any non-power conference playing a "power" conference opponent.

NCAAB: UNLV Runnin' Rebels, BYU Cougars

NFL: Chicago Bears

NBA: Chicago Bulls

And I always am a sucker for the likable underdog, in any sport.

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  • Brian Danise posted 1682 days ago

    Brian Danise

    Sorry Tyler, I hope you realize, I cant let this one pass. Air Force 35 Boo Who You 14.

  • Jeff Hicks posted 1739 days ago

    Jeff Hicks

    Thanks for the add. Def. jealous you grew up in Vegas...it's my sports mecca, haha. Like the archive you have too.

  • Jeff Hicks posted 1739 days ago

    Jeff Hicks

    Thanks for the add. Def. jealous you grew up in Vegas...it's my sports mecca, haha. Like the archive you have too.

  • Bobby Chambers posted 1760 days ago

    Bobby  Chambers


    It was a great article and you rec'd a lot of comments. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

    You can email me if you would like more in depth discussions: bobbywchambers@yahoo.com

    Keep Smiling!

    Bobby W. Chambers

  • Tyler Springs posted 1812 days ago

    Tyler Springs

    Hey Tyler. Just wanted to thank you again for reading and commenting on my article. I hope you'll share it with your friends & fellow fans/writers if you really do think it's worth mentioning.

    PS - What's the general consensus out there about Jimmer? Do you think he'll keep his name in the draft? I'd love to see him play another year.

  • Brian Danise posted 1862 days ago

    Brian Danise

    Tyler, I read your responseabout the Sun. You are correct about the web being he future of the news business, but the Sun may not last much longer. They lost one of thier main sports guys Ron Kantowski, to the RJ. They also have lost some sports guys to the AP accordng to a buddy of mine who covers UNLV for the AP. They may have a good web guy, but thier reporters are substandard.

  • Brian Danise posted 1863 days ago

    Brian Danise


    I agree with you. I think Brigham Young was hosed. They should have been a 6. Florida is not as good as they have been. I think BYU will get past them. It will create an interesting match-up with K-state.

  • Brian Danise posted 1864 days ago

    Brian Danise

    Tyler, don't get me wrong I think Fredette is a great ball player. I feel as you that he will definately play in the NBA. I guess I just saw something different than you.

  • JW Nix posted 1865 days ago

    JW Nix

    a remembrance :

  • Darrell Horwitz posted 1874 days ago

    Darrell  Horwitz

    Hi Tyler.

    Check out my story on why I think LeBron will come to the Bulls and let me know what you think.