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We all have our reasons why we root for certain teams, mine are more deep rooted in cynicism than most, but that doesn’t surprise anyone that knows me. In the late 70’s, watching the Yankees on WPIX, and rooting against them, was my first true sports addiction. Before cable television, they were the only team I could watch every night in suburban Connecticut. The Mets were on WOR but they unwatchable, even with local hero Bobby Valentine on the team. And I couldn’t root for Reggie Jackson for the same reason, mainly because I don’t like divas. I try to keep my interest within the game. So, I watched every game any ways, and became a huge George Brett fan. Yankee fans won’t forget him anytime soon. Without him, Goose Gossage would have been a Hall of Famer a long time ago. So, I don’t root for a team just because their local. And I don’t stick to family ties either. My parents are high school sweet hearts from Columbus and Ohio State alums, so you would think Buckeye Football would be my second religion, but I am a USC Trojan fan from way back to Charles White, one of my all time favorite college players. I never felt obligated to, but I did start rooting for the Bucks about ten years ago. My loyalties lie with teams that continually caught my attention, regardless of outside influences. I may have changed secondary alliances, but the top tier teams haven’t changed. No one tells me who to root for, which can be easily misdiagnosed as haticrism, but don’t label me a hater just yet. I prefer opinionated.

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