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  • 9erGal posted 758 days ago


    Did you see this article on Tevon Austin?? You guys are lucky!

  • Kyle Schadler posted 759 days ago

    Kyle Schadler

    No problem! Glad I could help!

  • 9erGal posted 759 days ago


    Hey, Bobbi (she's another fun person on this site) left a message for you on my bullitin board. You can't post on her wall... yeah, stupid b/r, but feel free to use my bb to talk to her, she cool and a big Tebow fan.

    I think the Colts made some good moves so far. I was reading yesterday a couple of Colts fans commenting on an article. It seems like the fans know better than some of the writers.

    Yes, Texans are a big unknown... they certainly have all the potential. I agee about Arians, he's good... but that was HUGE how far that team went last year, and some disregard that this was a team that was in last place a year ago.

    I like Stafford and Detroit too. They play my style of football, LOL. Packers better watch out. It seems like we agree on a lot.

    I'm never impressed with the Eagles. They always have so much on paper and don't do shit. Yeah, maybe Cowboys... but they choke a lot too, and how stupid were they durning the Draft?? lol

    Why didn't I know Arians went to the Cardinals?? That's HUGE. I really wanted Alex Smith to go to Arizona, but I'm happy with him in KC.

    If the Rams kept Amendola, and if he had a good year, you know health wise... I think that team would be near the top.

    Re this season, we just have to wait and see. I haven't looked at all the schedules yet either, that's next. I can tell a lot better after the first two games the teams play. Man, I can't wait :)

  • 9erGal posted 760 days ago


    Ah, no problem. That's happen to me before. B/R's platform sucks sometimes. Hey, I'll get back to you later today... have a good day!

  • 9erGal posted 760 days ago


    Oh, bummer. BTW, did you see my other message?

  • 9erGal posted 760 days ago


    BTW, I noticed you like Duke. Do you know if anyone picked Seth Curry in the Draft??

  • 9erGal posted 760 days ago


    I hear ya! I dig big cities, but big city crime is so disturbing. It's just a sad story and I'm tired of it too.

    Just look how far the Colts went in just one year with Andrew Luck and that was w/o their head coach. I think Luck will have a better career than Wilson when all said and done. He's good and they have enuf good players on that team to go far. Last year I thought they would make the playoffs and boy did I hear about what a lame girl comment that was :D. Broncos didn't play many great teams last year and when they did, they got hammered. I just think Manning is getting old. They really struggled against the Ravens, when everyone (except me) thought they would blow them away. KC could surprise in that div., yes, I just said that.

    Yeah, I could see Miami taking AFC East with the way the Pats off season has been going. Pats have a lot of work to do.

    Yeah, I see Cincy taking AFC North.

    Broncos and Texans as wild cards.

    NFC East- tough... I might go w/Giants here. RG3 will either have another concussion or blow out another knee.
    NFC North - Maybe GB, but they haven't impressed me too much in the last couple of years. Kaep ran circles around them in the playoff game last year, the year before the Giants smashed them.

    NFC South - Falcons or Buccs (I go out on a limb again and take Buccs)

    NFC West- 9ers... sorry!
    Wild card - Seahawks and Falcons

    What the heck is Impact Wrestling?

  • 9erGal posted 760 days ago


    I forgot to mention, I can't imagine BB getting Tebow to play QB. It's just not his style. Maybe he already knew that Hernandez was having issues and was about to crack.

    Also, you are right, the Drama sucks when it's your team. But I do like when the Seahawks have DRAMA :D

  • 9erGal posted 760 days ago


    Yeah, I guess losing his father at a young age messed w/him. I think that's a cop out excuse. I didn't realize what a thug he's been for most of his life. Too many gun incidents in his past. Anyway, I think the Colts just move to my top spot on AFC chart.

    Where do you place our division?? I think it's a toss up at this point. It can go anyway. I really wish you guys would have kept Amendola, this is gonna be his year.

    We can agree that we both HATE the Seahawks... They cheat, cheat, cheat... from the top on down. I do like their QB though.

    I think it might go like this:
    1. 9ers (I'm being bias)
    2. Rams (still being bias)
    3. Seahawks (they are stacked)
    4. Cards (poor Larry Fitzgerald, such a waste of an awesome player)

  • 9erGal posted 761 days ago


    No, it doesn't. Hmmmmm, I wonder if he does roids? It sounds like he has anger issues.

    Wow, maybe the Pats do have legitimate "cracks", but I still take them over the Broncos. Maybe Tebow goes to the TE position and puts to use that revenge he must have bottled up for Elway. It will be very interesting to watch it all play out. That's why I like football, there is so much DRAMA!!!