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Once upon a time, I covered sports for an actual newspaper. You know, that tangible paper-like thing that occasionally smears ink on your fingers and doubles as toilet paper when the cupboard is bare. One time, this irate caller told me I was "worse than a used car salesman." Another gentleman told me I "was that guy who would follow everyone if they were all jumping off of a bridge."

I don't miss it.

By day, I work for Bleacher Report's UK team doing mostly social stuff. I can speak British!

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I've been published in a bunch of tiny rags in various parts of Northern California that (hopefully) you've never heard of and spent a year and a half putting typos into The San Francisco Chronicle's agate section.

And it's not like it matters for email exchanges, but it's pronounced "sway-bee":

I graduated from UCSB in 2006 with a degree in Film Studies and a minor in Semi-Intoxicated Beach Cruiser Riding.


- Ran the Featured Columnist program
- Ran the writer application program

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  • BvB LieBe posted 2 hours ago

    BvB LieBe

    Dear Sean Swaby,

    I've been noticing that you are posting your ManU articles in Dortmund's and in other team's pages as well.

    Is it your sick idea to get more reads?

    Please just stop it. It's really annoying and a nuisance.

    Thank you.


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  • Tom Smeaton posted 378 days ago

    Tom Smeaton

    Thanks for becoming a fan, Sean. I appreciate everything you've done the past few weeks!

  • Artem Moshkovich posted 457 days ago

    Artem Moshkovich

    Thanks for everything, Sean! =]

  • James Onusko posted 487 days ago

    James Onusko

    Hi Sean. Truly excited about joining the FC team and thank you for all that you've done to date. Also appreciate you becoming a fan.

  • Lou Catalano posted 487 days ago

    Lou Catalano

    Thanks for everything, Sean. And more importantly, that picture is fantastic. Impressive flow...

  • Sean Butters posted 497 days ago

    Sean Butters

    Hello fellow Sean,

    Thanks for the 'fan' add, and more importantly, thanks for the opportunity in the first place. P.S. Gunners probably going to make the CL after Spurs' blowout...

  • Poch de la Rosa posted 512 days ago

    Poch de la Rosa

    Thanks for being a fan. Appreciate your support!

  • Dylan DeSimone posted 515 days ago

    Dylan DeSimone

    Hey Sean, thanks for the praise on that article. It means a lot coming from you. Appreciate it!

  • K Becks posted 583 days ago

    K Becks

    Thanks for the fan add, Sean.