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As a studying and practicing mechanical engineer and a rabid formula one fan, I hope to bring some insight from a mechanical standpoint as well as typical formula one commentary.

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  • Paul posted 2554 days ago


    Eric, thanks for your comments on an article that I wrote, they were greatly appreciated. Thought I would rather reply in the semi private confines of your bulletin boards. First let me say, that I of course agree with most of what you wrote in theory and practice. Clearly my language being used to get my points across were not correct. It just seemed easier to explain it the way I did. A little about myself, am a Mechanical Engineer, most of my working life has been in design, including 5 years with Porsche Design, one project involved a few great months of work at the Weissach wind tunnel, primarily in the in the mini where most of the work was done. So, although my work was not auto related in that particular situation, I do fully understand the draft, how it works, it's causes and effects. Now while I clearly chose the wrong words to make my points, my thoughts have not changed. Clearly you are aware, that an F1 car because of it's shape, is the hardest of cars to get a tow from, unless one is in a high speed low grip situation. The air in high speed corners, the start and any other high grip situation, is I think too noisy to effectively pick up the draft. Have been in and around racing my entire life and feel quite comfortable that what I have said is correct. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Once again, thanks for your input, greatly appreciated. Cheers,