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Ryan is an award-winning writer and TV presenter with experience working on websites, TV channels, magazines and newspapers across the world.

After beginning his career as a journalist in local newspapers and football match reporting, he joined the FHM team in 2006, writing features and presenting for FHMTV.

After a stint working for former England footballer Jamie Redknapp’s luxury lifestyle magazine venture ICON, he launched sports entertainment website The Spoiler in 2007. It won critical acclaim from The Guardian and the BBC, and was voted as one of the “Blogs of the Decade” by Sports Illustrated.

Ryan started presenting the Travel Channel series Travel 360 in 2008, which included an episode based around La Liga side Athletic Bilbao.

In 2009 he moved to the biggest-selling men’s magazine in the UK, Men’s Health, as Online Editor.

In 2011, Ryan left London to start a new life of freelancing in the USA. Having contributed to the Yahoo!’s incredibly successful coverage of World Cup 2010, he now writes for the Dirty Tackle blog on a regular basis.

He also presents and writes for KICK TV (

Ryan is an AFC Wimbledon fan, who has never knowingly been to Milton Keynes.

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  • Jake Brigance posted 115 days ago

    Jake Brigance

    Hey Ryan, your Newcastle article was hilarious haha

  • ghod larsson posted 162 days ago

    ghod larsson

    the Milan rattlers has an image of a cobra, which doesn't have a rattle, rattle snakes do. are you freaking serious?

  • ghod larsson posted 170 days ago

    ghod larsson

    awesome article about the EPL needing more player access (sarcasm). you should stop looking at the EPL through an american lens and think that it should be treated the same way we do things here in 'murica. as usual, your article is incredibly poorly thought out, makes little to no sense, and has been thoroughly ripped apart by commenters who actually have brains in their head and are capable of intelligent thought (a foreign concept, i know). great job. fail.

  • Long gone posted 183 days ago

    Long gone

    Hi Ryan.

  • Sasori Uchiha posted 213 days ago

    Sasori Uchiha

    Hi Ryan, I am currently in my first year of High School, I was wondering how do you become a writer for Bleacher Report articles. I want to become a Sports Journalist in the future and I want to give it a try. I am a Big Fan of Soccer. Out of all the Writers, your articles are very interesting.

    My question is how do you become a writer for Bleacher Report because I am thinking about my career paths and maybe you could help me out.

    I am looking forward towards your reply.

  • David Teo posted 217 days ago

    David Teo

    Ryan, fantastic article on "Bleacher Report's All-Time Premier League Overpriced XI". Really2 enjoyed it!

    Keep up the good work!

  • no thanks posted 231 days ago

    no thanks

    alan shearer: "He essentially describes the things that are quite easy to see, offering little of the insight he might have gained from a tremendously successful career on the pitch (and a very short-lived and ill-fated one as a manager)."

    ok, but that doesn't make him "wrong", as the title of the article implies, it just means his analytical skills are lacking.

    adrian chiles: "The Brummie presenter received plenty of criticism during coverage of the 2012 UEFA Super Cup, when he referred to 26-year-old proven goalscorer Radamel Falcao as a great "prospect." He also made a politically incorrect gaffe during coverage of England's World Cup qualifier against Poland, referring to fans of the opposition as "builders."

    again, being un-PC and mis-speaking aren't the same as being "wrong"

    as usual, another shitty list that indicates you don't understand the meanings of the words you're writing about

  • Dave Stavros posted 238 days ago

    Dave Stavros

    Celtic Bhoy,

    Grow a pair of baws and get a girlfriend wee man.

  • celtic bhoy posted 247 days ago

    celtic bhoy

    in today's article about stars of world cup draws past you write:

    "along with South African songwriter Juanes, who performed his hit "La Camisa Negra." Well, presumably it was a hit somewhere."

    juanes is from colombia, south america.

  • celtic bhoy posted 247 days ago

    celtic bhoy

    in today's article about stars of world cup draws past you write:

    "The draw for USA '94 was held at a Las Vegas convention centre on December 19, 1993. It was conducted by a spritely 58-year-old FIFA general secretary named Sepp Blatter, who was four-and-a-half years from assuming the presidential role.

    The talent drawing the balls included Eusebio, Bobby Charlton, Michel Platini, Marco van Basten, Roger Milla and an MLS goalkeeper named Tony Meola."

    the MLS wasn't in existence until 1996, so no, there was not an MLS goalkeeper named tony meola there. in 1993 it looks like he wasn't even playing professional club football, just for the national team, although i could be wrong about that. i'm not wrong about when the MLS began though. it was founded in 1993, 2 days before the world cup drawing, and tony meola was not a member of the league at that point, no player was. having an agreement to be a part of the league when it got going isn't the same as being a part of a league which didn't exist as of then.

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