Bob Nickolopoulos

Bob Nickolopoulos


I grew up a town called Royal Oak, Michigan. Royal Oak is about 5 miles north of Detroit city proper. Been a Red Wings fan for years and years, and a ravenous NHL fan on the whole. I now reside in San Francisco, where I work for Apple as a design engineer. I love living in SF, it's my favorite place in the world, but my love for the Red Wings just sticks with me. Of course it's easy to remain a dedicated fan of a team that has been so dominant for so long. I Tivo my wings games while I'm at work and watch every single game without commercials!

My favorite player of all time is Steve Yzerman. I've had so many fond memories of watching #19 play that I can't even begin to count them. The moment he held the Stanley Cup above his head after winning the championship in 1997 was certainly the best sports memory I have. So awesome!!!

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