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  • Gunn ers posted 1685 days ago

    Gunn ers

    Hey sir i havent visited yet done Utah deer valley San Fran now chciago and NYC on thursday followed by new orleans Jazz Fest.
    Great Game I honestly think we will do in Everton & Fulham perhaps I might see you at a gunners game oh and i bought tickets for red bulls dying to get Henry to sign my gunners strip.

  • Gunn ers posted 1712 days ago

    Gunn ers

    Haha yeah my party days are gone too. Fiance, Cheers & Congratulations.
    Just thought of a few questions from a Gooner too a Gooner.
    Any chance of seeing Henry & Red Bulls? Your opinion?
    Could you recommend any Flea Markets? or anything similar?
    & Whats in your opinion, the most over rated don't bother touristy crap.

    Love your opinion on Giroud, We must be in the same boat there, any true Arsenal Fan can just tell by his first touch with such flow, feeling & flair. The triple F's me thinks. Haha!

  • Gunn ers posted 1715 days ago

    Gunn ers

    *I really dont want to fall victim******

  • Gunn ers posted 1715 days ago

    Gunn ers

    Your help is amazing for me and my partner.
    Were both 23 so I honestly will look into everything you have mentioned.
    Early? That will be a treat for me, here in Queensland, Australia games are between 2:00am - 5:30am
    Where abouts in the city are you? If you don't mind me asking?

    We have read lots about how annoying tourists are in NYC I really dont fall victim to that category haha

    2-0 against Bayern. Super Stoked

  • Gunn ers posted 1717 days ago

    Gunn ers

    Oh Excellent.
    Thankyou for your help.
    Thats great info. Im not too fussed whether its an "Arsenal" bar or just a regular restaurant/bar that happens to show the games. Anything will do. Another question, What time are the live games on? Local NYC time that is. Haha Oh no! Im already an annoying tourist, Me and my partner are staying in Union Square I believe. We are far too excited!!!

    Thanks for getting back to me


  • Gunn ers posted 1718 days ago

    Gunn ers

    Hello fellow gooner Im from Australia, Im travelling to the USA (NYC) on 28th March for the first time!!!, I need to watch all our games throughout April. Could you perhaps tell me of any bars, venues or anything where I can watch the Gunners Live. I haven't missed a game in years now
    Hope you can help me out...