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  • Honor Warren Wells TheTorch posted 2953 days ago

    Honor Warren Wells TheTorch

    Here is your comment which I pasted. Thanks, Luther:

    Luther M. Lastrape
    20 September 2009

    Sports, Writing, Mathematics: A Trunk to the Tree of Knowing

    This article here is about interpreting other mathematical facts to NFL football and other sports. The phrase, “Data, data everywhere and not a drop to think”, means to me that there are other facts in a sport that we do not know about. I have read from here that (NFL researchers) have developed a database for the NFL which contains numbers that measures the wind, the humidity, and temperature, among other variables. I have learned from here that there is a minimum to zero amount of wind speed in “dome” stadiums. I have seen, from this article that in April of 2010, there will be a Mathematics Awareness Month (MAM) which is a national program to motivate more young people to learn, love, and live, using the knowledge of communication with words, symbols, numbers, and graphs. The theme to this year MAM is “Sports and Mathematics”. I have learned from this article that when a NFL quarterback make a good throw with the ball in gusty wind, the throw may turn out to be an incomplete because of the wind. This is how I know that the frequency of the blowing wind is being measured. This is one of the facts of the other facts we did not know. I believe that (we) are now aware of most of them.