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  • Gary Benson posted 1960 days ago

    Gary Benson

    This is Bascombe, are you the same Creekdweller I know? If so what's the plan?

  • Chris Lane posted 2088 days ago

    Chris Lane

    While I have no idea why you would razz me the way you did and then support me, I have no idea. Regardless, I'd like to thank you immensely. Getting "fans" here at B/R is the only thing I have. I have applied 4 times to be a writer at B/R and been denied all 4 times. Although your "fan" status doesn't help me in the overall scheme of things I still want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I mean that. Being a writer at B/R means nothing to some people. I want it more than anything. Even if your support was insincere, it still means a lot to me. Why? We were having a debate, and you pinned me as a "fan". I know that nothing could sound more superficial and dumb, but I really want to be a writer here and I keep getting denied. Before you say, "Damn, Chris, your writing to me, sucked... the words were spelled correctly but you aren't exactly Stephen King". I know all of that, but the articles that I send into B/R for reviews are top notch. My last story had a prediction about NASCAR that I predicted true for seven weeks now, but it still was denied.

    I know that you haven't done a lot a B/R but I think that if you are a true sports fan, that you would like this place. In return, it would like you, you would meet some like-minded friends as I have, and you might really like it here.

    I love this place. It is my church of sorts.... and HONESTLY... I should have been a writer already. Three of my friends that are writers here already are pissed that I haven't been accepted. I'm going to keep trying my ass off, and with support from people like you (sincere or not), I'll get my foot in the door. When I do get that foot in the door, I promise to CRAM IT DOWN ALL OF THEIR FUC*&^G THROATS,

    Again... thanks for your support, brother.

  • Chris Lane posted 2088 days ago

    Chris Lane

    You have under 10 comments? You are worse than a moron. No wonder you act like an idiot.