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Hi guys and girls!

I've been an F1 fan for as long as I can remember and I think the passion developed from my parents love for both the sport, and their hero Nigel Mansell. They're probably my earliest F1 memories, back in '92 with Nige battling for the world championship as the nation's hero in his 'Red 5' Williams Renault.....and emerging victorious!! Happy days!

I've followed the sport ever since, though from a distance as I've not yet been able to actually get to a GP. Admittedly my interest waned ever so slightly in the midst of the Schumacher years from 2000 onwards, but I found it so refreshing when this young Spanish prodigy was blossoming and eventually shook-up the front of the grid in 2005. Fernando Alonso - I'm still a big fan, despite last season's petulent performances on and off the track.

For me now though, it's Lewis all the way and I don't think I've been as excited or inspired by a driver so much, since the heady Mansell days of the early '90's. I've still got fading faith in Jenson Button too and hope that before too long he'll have a competitve drive, whether at Honda or elsewhere, to merit his smooth ability.

As for my interest in writing, well....

I'm a fully trained Journo and am currently News Editor and Feature Writer for a leading, UK-based B2B magazine. I find my urge to write extends beyond working hours however, and I'm looking to express my sports-writing skills on the Bleacher Report forum. I hope you'll enjoy reading and look forward to plenty of comments and chat between us all!!

Thanks for reading!

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  • Billy Sexton posted 3462 days ago

    Billy Sexton

    Hey Rob!

    Just letting you know that in your most recent article you've spelt 'Heikki' with one k.

    I'm not going to bother editing such a good article over one tiny mistake so I thoughtI'd let you know so you can change it yourself.

    keep up the good work!