I am a Los Angeles based writer, USC alumna and fanatical USC Trojan fan. I write the site http://www.gridirongoddess.net, where I cover both College Football and the NFL, with a heavy emphasis on college football.

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  • dress shopgo posted 1683 days ago

    dress shopgo

    Great Article .keep doing Amy. www.dressshopgo.com

  • Matthew D posted 1752 days ago

    Matthew D

    Hope you get back from vacation soon! Missing your work!

  • john martin posted 1892 days ago

    john martin

    Wonder if your outrage extended to this despicable act by Kiffen?


    Probably not. Most Trogans are hypocrites. Shame on UCLA for protecting their field from a disrespectful "tradition" but all aboard the U$Cheat express when it comes to denying the visiting team the courtesy of a walk through.

  • Roberto Alvarez-Galloso posted 1925 days ago

    Roberto Alvarez-Galloso

    You're welcome.

  • Roberto Alvarez-Galloso posted 1926 days ago

    Roberto Alvarez-Galloso

    Your articles are great

  • Anthony R posted 2192 days ago

    Anthony  R

    Did you ever meet Matt Cassel?

  • TROJANMAN SERGIO posted 2304 days ago


    I can tell that alot of you who are bashing Amy are doing so only because she is a woman, a usc alum, and she is beautiful... but, let me tell you something... this lady knows her football!! All of you sec and acc peeps will never get over yourselves. you think you are gods, or satans, gift to college sports. Amy i applaud you for the work that you do, in keepin me informed, not only with what is going on with usc football, but all of college football as a whole. week in and week out, you empower me with your articles!!.. As you know, i could give a rats ass about the sec or the acc... f them... in fact i applaud you for not pulling those idiots through the pc and choking a few of them... keep up the good work, and ignore all the bs that is emmited from the mouths of the acc and sec, fools... FIGHT ON... KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!

  • Conor Miller posted 2309 days ago

    Conor Miller

    So you like football and you're hott? Not bad...

  • Amy Lamare posted 2311 days ago

    Amy Lamare

    Richard, hee hee I know, it's a BOLD predictions list - it isn't things I necessarily think are going to happen.

  • Richard Goodson posted 2311 days ago

    Richard Goodson

    Amy, Amy, Amy, you do watch football right? I really enjoy your articles, but you are a little shortsighted on the SEC and on UGA and Richt in particular. USCe will not lose to Vandy. You said last week UGA would lose to Coastal Carolina whom they beat 59-0. UGA will also beat Ole Miss. LSU will beat WVU. UGA is not a great team, but they are very good. They should have beaten USCe and lost to a very good Boise team. We'll see how the season plays out. They will not lost to Ole Miss though.