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  • Zultan The Prognosticator posted 1903 days ago

    Zultan The Prognosticator

    Zultan Rides Again:

  • Chris Lane posted 2281 days ago

    Chris Lane

    I try hard to treat people with respect here no matter how much they get under my skin. If you ever notice me losing my head, it is usually a personal friend of mine. I treat my personal friends a bit different. I like B/R more than most people here...or at least I think that I do. So I try to keep it clean and level-headed as much as possible. Talk to ya soon. Take care, brother.

  • Chris Lane posted 2289 days ago

    Chris Lane

    Thanks for liking my writing, whatever it was. I will one day write articles here at B/R and you will be able to say that you were one of my 10 first fans. Seriously though...I appreciate that you did like what I wrote enough to be listed as a favorite writer of yours. I try really hard on my comments to sound professional and I am currently trying to write for B/R by applying as a writer. My first application was denied and it should have been. During my proofreading of my article that I applied with, I was editing my rough draft and accidentally hit "submit". They won't keep me out for long and then I will write tons of satirical articles, which they frown upon as application articles....So, I appreciate the "like" that you gave me and hope to bring some good stories soon.

    Bleacher Report is going to be my life soon if they will let me in. I hope you are around for that. Keep hanging out here. It's a great place to talk sports. If you could...fill out your bio or tell me a little about yourself if you get a chance. In the future, I plan on writing and would like to have my fans and friends mentioned in my posts. It's hard for me to write to you and about you when I know nothing about you. Take care brother...I hope to see you around a lot and very soon. If you like baseball....Go Cardinals! See ya!

  • JA Allen posted 2302 days ago

    JA Allen

    Just for you!!

  • JA Allen posted 3015 days ago

    JA Allen

    Thanks for the support - I appreciate your remarks so much - I love my Zultan series and do get alot of reads and people seem to appreciate it without comment - so I never gave it much thought because it was just fun to write...

    At first I responded on the article - then thought it best to respond to you here. Again, thanks...

  • Tyler Lambert posted 3060 days ago

    Tyler Lambert

    In my latest article, I present a challenge that I wish each writer on B/R would try. Please leave any feedback, comments, or edits that you see fit. I really hope you check it out! Thanks in advance. (copy and paste link in the URL)

    Are You Up For The Challenge?