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Desmond Perkins


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  • stephen monahan posted 1723 days ago

    stephen  monahan

    I like your Tebow views. We need more people like you and I in the battle against Tebow..I'm now a fan.

  • beth williams posted 1779 days ago

    beth williams

    lol Desmond, NO I certainly do not think ill of you at all, really. If I did I wouldn't respond to you whatsoever. I just have a couple issues with B/R, someone routinely deletes my post replies, two to you alone have been deleted from that one exchange we had! They've been deleting me for months, I gave up in November and hopped on board the various ESPN blogs for the Jets (and other teams, I still follow the Eagles and Broncos) and found that the often crazy rush of replies is such a challenge that you have to get your key points down in ONE sentence (not my strong suit :) I finally appealed to whomever runs these things at B/R and got my posts on again, however, at least 2 of every 3 or 4 get deleted! You would think I am some obscene expletive loving wretch!

    I do think tebownians (ahem, we are adherents, like Jeffersonians, hence, tebownians) are a mite defensive however, and you do enjoy setting fires - the reason we are defensive is the guy is just fun to watch, I don't care if it is an ugly win, I like that better than a pretty loss! I remember randall cunningham, the "human highlight reel," so its hard for me to say that any QB today is all that hot in comparison :) IF we are defensive it is likely because we see that guy who would die for his team stuck on a bench while at least 2 dozen really crappy QB's still get to start! Yea, they throw about 50%, but they can't run to save their life, they allow fumbles, INT, have crappy attitudes, often a crisis IN THE darn pocket, can't hang on to the darn ball, etc etc etc etc

    tell me what you like in a QB, I would love to hear what makes you smile and just makes your day, I think we already all know you hear fingernails on the chalk board when you hear the name t...e...b...o...w :)

  • Jack Jones posted 1780 days ago

    Jack Jones

    You got to be the dumbest person i know when it comes to football.

  • DG, not here anymore posted 1793 days ago

    DG, not here anymore

    Des, how's life treating you? Ready for Pats/Ravens?
    Is Tebow still on the mind? Anyway, I know if you see
    this or not but, I've had a little bit of a problem. I couldn't
    post and get into my inbox with my previous profile page.
    So I had to fix it a.k.a START OVER AGAIN !!!! Could
    you be my fan again? I lost half of my contacts/fans.
    You were one of them.

  • Jay Ingram posted 1810 days ago

    Jay Ingram

    your a douche and it's not surprising to see who thinks you have an insight on all things football. You almost have all 3 stooges on your lame team.

  • DG Skilla posted 1855 days ago

    DG Skilla

    You wanna be my fan? Great.That's what up. I support
    Tebow... but I'll blast him and his maniacs if I have too.

  • Bobbi posted 1869 days ago


    Thanks for being a fan, I returned the honor.

  • Bobbi posted 1872 days ago


    Hi Desmond: I like your profile picture.