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  • kgwlhmlu cbeqqzfu posted 1306 days ago

    kgwlhmlu cbeqqzfu

    Regards my amigo.
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  • JW Nix posted 1931 days ago

    JW Nix

    check this out

    I think you may like it

  • Zander Freund posted 2176 days ago

    Zander Freund

    No worries, thanks for letting me know =)


  • Zander Freund posted 2180 days ago

    Zander Freund

    Sports Fan—Zander here, Bleacher Report's Community Director.

    Had to take down your most recent submission as it was copied directly from another Bleacher Report user.

    We take plagiarism extremely seriously here—please only use the network to publish YOUR ORIGINAL ANALYSIS.

    Consider this a formal warning—failure to comply with this request will result in your account being terminated.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.


  • L.J. Burgess posted 2181 days ago

    L.J. Burgess

    Z's going to want to talk chat with you about the spam.

  • Mosang Miles posted 2251 days ago

    Mosang Miles

    Good to know. It did sound kind of familiar. At this point it's probably no big deal.

  • Dave Swenson posted 2310 days ago

    Dave Swenson

    Well like I wrote, we were never really tight, I don't have a phone number for him, but I might have an email address. I'll get back to you.

  • Dave Swenson posted 2311 days ago

    Dave Swenson

    What's up?