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  • Aric Klobi posted 2984 days ago

    Aric Klobi

    keep talkin shit and im gna find your ugly fucking face and smack it for ya. U dumb fuck. And ur not a Packers fan and never were, ur a queen favre fan. Go jump on a bandwagon, or play your trumpet like ya did in high school. And never call yourself a Packer fan again, go jack off over favres poster, mommy's boy

  • Mark Borchardt posted 2984 days ago

    Mark Borchardt

    Man I wrote dat article last year when favre played for da jets you dumb fuck man. I was a packer fan for the past 20 years you hilljack. they fucked favre. get it through your little brain man you infant. Aaron rodgers sucks man and mike mccarthy is fat man.