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Mark Andrew Konty is the grandson of Andy Konty and the great-grandson of Andre Kontj, whose name was changed at Ellis Island to Andy Konty so his Slovenian accent wouldn't give him away as a rookie immigrant.

This Andy Konty, v. 3.0, has played, coached, parented or watched on TV nearly every sport known to modern civilized man, and a few still waiting discovery by anthropologists.

Andy's favorite sport is soccer, his favorite food is mesquite-grilled steak, his favorite drink is an ice-cold india pale ale, and his favorite hobby is writing about himself in the third person.

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  • Cal Gildart posted 1314 days ago

    Cal Gildart

    Good stuff, Andy. Enjoy the game tonight/this afternoon, whichever time of the day it is for you guys across the pond :)

  • Marco Madrid posted 1331 days ago

    Marco Madrid

    I respect your opinion Andy, we'll get back to this argument in 10 years and see where the USMNT stands then.

  • jon fish posted 1383 days ago

    jon fish

    Andy - Louisville's soccer scene is growing very quickly. Your article on the local AO chapter was right on the money. There is also the Louisville Coopers movement going on to bring professional soccer to town.

  • Sir Gunner posted 1621 days ago

    Sir Gunner

    I really love your most recent USMNT article. And you're active in the comment sections! Keep up the good work Andy.

  • Eric Gates posted 1693 days ago

    Eric Gates

    Just wondering if you evr had a chance to talk with Jeremy Kelly the WR from the CFl the colts grabbed before the draft

  • Norman posted 1717 days ago


    The Lance Armstrong Article is pure gold! just had to get that off my chest. It's a masterpiece.

  • Brian Harrison posted 1734 days ago

    Brian Harrison

    I played wheelchair basketball from 9-18 years old and you are right we take wheelchair basketball very seriously! I really liked your article! I really want more people to see our sport because its the best as you saw! Is there any way you can make this possible?? I would like to see wheelchair basketball on tv one day. Is there any way you can make this possible?? Please email me at

  • Sherri Gribble posted 1735 days ago

    Sherri Gribble

    Andy, I wanted to personally say "Thank You" for such a great article on the wheelchair basketball National tournament 2013. It was a pleasure. The Warriors ended in 3rd place for Varsity division. Kyle Gribble also received an award for 1st team All Tournament. One of the other young men, Matt Molenkamp received the Neal Radbel Sportsmanship award, which both young men received at their banquet Saturday night following the completion of the tournament. Again, thank you and hope to see more of your work....Sincerely, Sherri Gribble