Delbert Shoals

Delbert Shoals


My first love is football. I loved playing it in the backyard and wish I could have been bigger so I could have played more in high school. The intricacies of the game are what make it so interesting in my mind. While the game is getting awkwardly faster and slower (spread offenses, but way too many commercials and stoppages) the game is filled with more strategy that most games. It's a back and forth game of inches where so many facets of a team is tested. Because it requires the sum of so many moving parts it will always be the ultimate team game in my eyes.

My second love is basketball. It's primarily my favorite because no matter your skill level there are so many ways to play the game. You can play almost anywhere, any time, and it brings strangers together to play as a team. I played a lot as a kid and still try and play in as many pick-up games as possible. I wish there was a team in Kansas City to root for, but since that isn't the case I have two teams: the LA Lakers and Miami Heat. I became a fan of the Lakers when Kobe and Shaq were together. Then I became a fan of the Heat when Wade (not LeBron) joined the team. It was solidified when they won the title in 2006. If the Lakers and Heat ever ended up in the finals, I would have to root for the Heat.

My last big favorite are my Missouri Tigers. I never attended Mizzou, but my dad did and he groomed me to be the Tigers lover I am today. The only thing I don't really like is that Missouri is no longer in the Big-12 and, therefore, no longer play the hated Jayhawks. i think they're starting to get the their footing in the SEC and while they are already doing pretty well from a basketball stand-point with the Jayhawks looming over them, I think they will soon be a force in the SEC.

I'm still trying to get into soccer, hockey, and anything else competitive. Baseball I feel has been lost, but with the Royals starting to pick it up who knows, maybe they'll make a fan out of me yet. I love sports, I love competition, and because it's so worldwide these days it allows people to relate no matter where you are.

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