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Jennifer Golden

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I am a student at Boston University, and I work at Fenway Park where I get to be up close with the Boston Red Sox on a daily basis. My moods tend to shift depending on the Red Sox current winning or losing streak. Brian Daubach was my first favorite baseball player and he will be my last.

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  • Long Island Sound posted 3155 days ago

    Long Island Sound

    Odd perspective of your fan base here...

  • Eilyn Segura posted 3451 days ago

    Eilyn Segura

    I'm glad you liked my article. :)
    for the record, i have a friend that works in fenway... her name is curry dunno if you know her-?

  • josh millar posted 3455 days ago

    josh millar

    daubach was under rated thats for sure thanks for the comment jnnifer

  • Nate Owen posted 3479 days ago

    Nate Owen

    Nice picture- who could forget the "Belville Bomber"

  • Scott Malone posted 3499 days ago

    Scott Malone

    Thanks Jennifer. I try to write about the Sox as much as possible, but thats difficult due to the fact that I live in Philly and as a result see very few of their games, and as a result write more about my hometown Phillies. Thanks again.

  • Andrew Silva posted 3513 days ago

    Andrew Silva

    Thanks Jennifer I really appreciate it!! Don't worry I'll be posting my thoughts on the Sox all season long.