Van Hamlin


I was a high school athlete back in Illinois. I played amateur tennis for years and was ranked in men's at one point. Over the years, I have become an avid football fan. I get to see lots of good college and professional football since I live in Florida. I have only missed 15 home Dolphin games since 1972, when I moved to Florida. My job, for 34 years, was law enforcement. I retired in April of 2007 and fill my days with working out and watching sports. I am married to Sandra and have one daughter; Ashley. She has two kids who claim that I am their grandfather. Times are hard but life is good. I am a Vietnam Veteran, regular army, and a conservative Democrat. I belonged to a union for 34 years and was an union officer for about half of that time but I am not stupid enough to believe everything the executive board says. I believe that we should seek out the facts as presented by both sides of any issue and let the reader make his own opinion. If I editorialize, I will label the portion that is my opinion.

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