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I have been a Raiders fan for 20 years but even before then watched their games just because of the old attitudes they had. I remember watching Alzado get into it with 2 Broncos lineman at the same time, and how exciting their games were. Living in the area of different teams it really makes you stronger and more devoted as a fan when you have to search for any newsworthy item about the team I follow.
I also am a fan of the Chicago White Sox and Phillies in baseball, Bulls and Mavericks in the NBA, in hockey I like the New Jersey Devils and Blackhawks. I've recently discovered rugby, dont get the rules but it appears to be a sport that needs more promotion.
A little about me; married (wont put how long as I would have to update every year), a son-used to have 2 but the younger son died at age 5 from medical complications that occured just after birth. We have 3 dogs-1 we had to live with the in-laws when we moved. Have worked in several different fields during my life, restaurant, warehouse, treatment facility for teens with behavioral issues.
I live 20 miles south of Dallas, and proudly display my Raider stickers on my windshield! Anybody can be a Cowboys fan, a Colts fan, or any of the "favorite teams, but it takes a special person to cheer for the Oakland Raiders! Not everyone is cut out to be a citizen of the Raider Nation.

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  • OAKLANDRAIDER posted 3055 days ago


    funny thing is i forgot about that until you brought it back up, haha i met oren at this event right here...

    but back to murphy, we all raiders fans

    so in the end its all good...

    at least you know people are reading your articles!!!