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  • Chris Lane posted 1749 days ago

    Chris Lane

    You come here, read a few articles that you don't like, say some bad things about the writers here at B/R and then run off crying. You didn't even fill out enough of the bio page for us other readers to get an idea where you are coming from. This is not all professional writing here and the stories are written so you will say something to make a debate. YOU AREN'T SUPPOSED TO AGREE WITH EVERY ARTICLE AT ALL. I don't know, bud.....maybe you should just stay away from B/R. You're lost and don't have any problem being rude and you don't even know what the hell this place is about. Go watch AND BELIEVE the things they tell you on ESPN like most other people. Before long you won't have a favorite team....instead you will consider yourself an SEC fan and you will just root for the SEC teams that have the best records when SEC in-conference games come on. Also, you will ALWAYS root for any SEC team to win ANY out of conference game. That's what MOST fans around here do.....they then go back to watching Sportscenter and then return here to troll and argue more.... Good luck to ya.