Robby Krevat

Robby Krevat


I am a 24 year old die hard Rangers fan. I am a 4th generation Ranger fan. My family had season tickets, and I've been going to games since 1993. I was at almost all games of the 1994 playoff run except Game 7 of the Cup Finals. Miserable, i know. I was 9 and my mother didn't want me to get trampled. Graduated from Hofstra University with a BBA in Legal Studies in Business, currently working for a law firm on Long Island.

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  • JW Nix posted 2987 days ago

    JW Nix

    I think you may dig this from KD. It deserves AOTD :

  • Patrick Cwiklinski posted 3086 days ago

    Patrick Cwiklinski

    Are sports heroes really dead? Find out in my latest article whenever you get a moment. Thanks.


  • Adam Greuel posted 3086 days ago

    Adam Greuel

    Hi there,

    I just published my top 15 right wingers list and would love it if you could take a look and leave feedback:


  • Patrick Cwiklinski posted 3187 days ago

    Patrick Cwiklinski

    Hey I wrote an article on the current state of NHL writers on Bleacher Report and I think it's an important read to members of the community. Take a look when you get a chance. Thanks.

  • Mike Kent posted 3187 days ago

    Mike  Kent

    Here is a article for all New York fans, hope you enjoy it.

  • Robby Krevat posted 3218 days ago

    Robby Krevat

    Bad officiating is something that can be seen from either side, regardless of whether your team was the victim or the team that got to take advantage of it. If you're the victim of a blatantly ridiculous call complaining is justified. If your team manages to exploit a bad call it's just something that the team should be able to acknowledge it but say "wouldn't you do the same if you were in our shoes?"

    ...and if crosby wants to stop being called a whiner, he should stop whining and remove himself from the position as the "NHLPA Player advocate to the officials". Having him on your team makes it a bit more difficult to complain about bad officiating. I have the utmost respect for malkin(who doesnt whine) and especially ovechkin who might be my favorite player in the league. i hesitate to put crosby in the category with those two because he doesnt just keep his mouth shut and play hockey.

    on paper the penguins have one of the fiercest lineups in the league and im kind of puzzled how theyre on the same level as the rangers right now.

  • Eric Naughton posted 3218 days ago

    Eric Naughton

    Robby, good back and forth on your article. I've complained endlessly in the past about officiating, but try not to write about it since I'm a Penguins fan and I'm sick of hearing people accuse us of being band-waggoners and only complaining about the refs. Not to mention all the "Crosby is a whiner" crap. I think the Rangers have a chance to go far in the playoffs. The Atlantic competition is always fierce and the margins close.

    If you want to read something on the lighter side, check out this article I wrote a few days ago:

    I look forward to reading more articles from you.

  • Ranger Nation posted 3403 days ago

    Ranger Nation

    Robby, when you get a chance please email me at

    Would like to speak with you.