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  • Max Towle posted 1601 days ago

    Max Towle

    Oh sure, I like Herrera too, but like you I'm just not sure he's worth 30m pounds. Probably just as good a buy as Fellaini though. De Rossi wont want to leave Roma.. which is a shame. No one else left really.

  • Max Towle posted 1602 days ago

    Max Towle

    Honestly, with it looking like Ozil and Modric are out of reach - Fellaini may be all that's left. Wouldn't mind a wildcard signing like a Draxler for example. What about you?

  • Max Towle posted 1603 days ago

    Max Towle

    Oh he's a good player... not sure he's productive enough to warrant that price tag though... Still think we need an attacking midfielder, but I suppose it's too late now.

  • Charles Lawley posted 1624 days ago

    Charles Lawley

    Thank you, Sid. That's very kind of you to say.

  • Max Towle posted 1641 days ago

    Max Towle

    Honestly, I'm really not sure we'll be able to get him. Will all depend on the new manager and how highly he values him. United seem close to desperate though and could offer 35m+

  • Jeremy Eckstein posted 1643 days ago

    Jeremy Eckstein

    Thanks for your fan add, Sid. You are always welcome on the tennis site.

  • Max Towle posted 1645 days ago

    Max Towle

    Yesterday was a crazy day for rumours. Could not believe that Chelsea would offer either Mata or Luiz, and it seems the story was false. My thoughts on Rooney are a bit controversial - sell him if he wants to leave. It is not a case of him being replaced by van Persie - just remember 2010 - it is more he is just bored and wants a change of scenery.

    If a player does not want to play for United, United should not want him to.

  • Simon Edmonds posted 1650 days ago

    Simon Edmonds

    Hey Sid, sorry it's late notice but thanks for the fan add. I hope you're enjoying my articles mate

  • Sonny Singh posted 1651 days ago

    Sonny  Singh

    you see why im angry now? Another player the mighty Man Utd have missed out on

  • Nathan F posted 1658 days ago

    Nathan F

    Don't think we will sign any wide player to be honest no one is available. That's why I'm hoping Nani stays because we won't sign a replacement.

    I'd love to see us sign Erik Lamela in a year or two though.