Dan Condie

Dan Condie


I'm an amateur sports writer who loves opinon/analysis style. Most articles I write tend to raise controversy and welcome debate.

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  • Carl Stine posted 2006 days ago

    Carl Stine

    Thanks for the props on the AD article, I appreciate it.

  • Kevin Dent posted 2331 days ago

    Kevin Dent

    "This was a hard pick because South Alabama is so bad" Really?!?!?! Yes, South is a FCS team early on in their program.But have you looked into them? They are UNDEFEATED since their inception. While I have no misconceptions with this game, calling the Jags "so bad" is incorrect. There is talent there but they are small ..... for now. South is located in prime recruiting territory, especially for those that do not choose the "big BCS" schools. All you did, I am sure, is looked at NC State's schedule (which by the way, isn't the picture of success) and saw a FCS school. You should really stick to writing facts and not fiction!

  • UteTribe posted 2363 days ago


    Got it. I break out in a rash every time I look at that pious cock sucker.

    Your boy Gene is killing me...

  • UteTribe posted 2364 days ago


    Bro, next time use Whitt's mug instead of the child molester. Just say'n...

  • Pete Misthaufen posted 3027 days ago

    Pete Misthaufen

    Thanks for the fan add!