John Garcia

John Garcia


Hey guys, my name is John. I am currently a sophomore at the University of Connecticut studying math education. I've always had a passion for Sports Journalism so that's why I'm here. I live on Long Island, NY and am a Yankee fan despite my parent's being Sox and Mets fans. For some reason I'm also a Denver Broncos fan. I've been since 1996 so I've been a fan before they won their first Super Bowl. Obviously, a Huskies fan too! Hopefully we'll bring a National Championship to Storrs this year.

As for athletics, I started playing baseball and soccer when I was little. After a couple years it was all baseball for me. I played 2B mostly but moved wherever my coach needed me. I could field any position better than anyone else in the league but I couldn't hit the damn ball. I was also perhaps the only kid traded in Little League. My travel coach needed to have me on his team apparently.

When I got to junior high, I started running cross-country and track. When I realized I was pretty decent at that, I stayed with it. During my senior year in high school, I was named All-County in each of the 3 running seasons (cross-country, winter track, spring track.) By the time I graduated my times were: 9:54 in the 3200 (2 miles), 4:40 in the 1600 (1 mile), 2:07 in the 800 (1/2 mile). I ran on and off during sophomore and junior year with a broken foot so my times never improved really until senior year. I don't run at the collegiate level because of that broken foot, but I still try to run when I get the chance. My goal is to run a marathon in the next year or so.

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  • Richard Bowler posted 2912 days ago

    Richard Bowler

  • Thaddeus Yeiser posted 3210 days ago

    Thaddeus Yeiser

    Ever wonder about those players or teams who come and go before we know what happened? Well I've got a list of those one year wonders. Thanks for the read.

  • Mike Kent posted 3244 days ago

    Mike  Kent

    Look at me, both a Met fan and Yankee fan. What do you think?

  • Mike Kent posted 3274 days ago

    Mike  Kent

    We have are new communality leaders for the New York page !!!!!
    Jordan Schwartz, Michael Schlossberg and Travis Rand.

    Travis Rand said that he will do it but now we need to ask Jordan Schwartz and Michael Schlossberg to come in and join
    PLZ help me show them that we want them

  • Mike Kent posted 3279 days ago

    Mike  Kent

    Now that we got the NY page under way we need a Community leader so you can vote on this page.

    Who knows , you may be the next Community leader

  • Mike Kent posted 3280 days ago

    Mike  Kent

    welcome to the Crusade, PLZ make yourself a fan at :

    you dont really need to do much, if you write a article about a NY team put it on that page and if you can PLZ spreed the word of the site to all NY fans

    And lets beg Angel Navedo to be are community leader.

  • Mike Kent posted 3281 days ago

    Mike  Kent

    Hi , did you see the NY sports page on BR? it is not doing to well. it only has 4 fans, i think we should make it better and take the page under are wing, its time to for us to represent NY and show the world what this great place is all about. I asked Angel Navedo to be the community leader, we will see what he says. Are you in ?

  • G D posted 3282 days ago

    G D


    When you think of the ultimate football player, who do you think of?I think of one guy. I think of Larry Fitzgerald. Let me know what you think.

  • Bleacher Report posted 3286 days ago

    Bleacher  Report


    I spent 3 days on this. I'd like you to comment to know your opinion.