Pat Sullivan

Pat Sullivan


Patrick Sullivan is a Journalism major at the University of Kentucky. He loves ice hockey, but does not mind baseball, lacrosse or college basketball.

If he has edited your article and did not leave feedback, please be patient. His browser at work does not allow him to do so and he will add feedback once he gets home from work.

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  • Graham Kelly posted 2976 days ago

    Graham Kelly

    Thanks for the edits I was rushed posting my article and didnt get a chance to play with the presentation much

  • Joe Willett posted 2977 days ago

    Joe Willett

    Thanks for the edits?

  • Gray Ghost posted 2979 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    Pat, Thanks for taking the time asnd energy to edit! It is appreciated.

  • DAVID DEPREO posted 2980 days ago


    Thanks for the editing. I knew what I wanted to say and at the end I knew it still left some punch. Thanks Pat.

  • Brandon Rudics posted 2983 days ago

    Brandon Rudics

    could you edit my new article please? thank you very muchly!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PJ Edelman posted 2984 days ago

    PJ Edelman

    I am god. Figured it out. No worries :)

  • PJ Edelman posted 2984 days ago

    PJ Edelman

    hello again. can you tell me how to add a link to an article? I wanted to add one to my recent one, but couldnt figure it out.

  • PJ Edelman posted 2985 days ago

    PJ Edelman

    hey man, solid editing. Ive been trying to figure out how to make those dashes--how do you do it?

  • Nathan Towles posted 2986 days ago

    Nathan Towles

    Hey, thanks for helping me with my article.

  • Mr. Controversy posted 2986 days ago

    Mr. Controversy

    hi thanks for fixing my article. appriciate it ...