Kit Gaume

Kit Gaume


College Football is what I like to watch and talk about. I have a lot of teams I follow, some from each division. I do watch the NFL and MLB games, but not with the same enthusiasm I have for college football.
I am not that into Pro sports, mostly because of the NFL and MLB player strikes way back when.

I grew up watching the Oakland Raiders and A' those days you could afford to go to a football or baseball game sometimes. (Vida Blue and Sal Bando early 70's awesome!) I liked these teams a lot as a kid, still watch them play now, but not as often.

I enjoy watching the so called 'under achievers' over achieve. I do not like the current BCS system that is in play right now. I am not sure yet how I feel about Boise State going to the Big East, just to reach a BCS bowl. I would have preferred they stay in the Mountain West. But the reality...its about money and TV deals. I do cheer for any team that plays against any SEC team...not that it does any good most of the time. I think the Alabama team this year could beat my Oakland Raiders.

I like watching players and teams that do their talking on the how they play, I respect that.

Turn offs? Over zealous fans...that turn on their own teams or players, or these rabid visceral fans that deride other team's fans with malicious dribble, knowing they will never have to back up the 'trash talk' on the field.
I don't mind rivalry and a good taunting here and there, but it should be civil...........................

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