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  • Grant McKay posted 1812 days ago

    Grant  McKay

    Haha, very well then. I understand that the team played terribly. But the fact that he has lost control and can't motivate his team speaks volumes. I also understand that the team is young, but there are 3 straight top 10 recruiting classes. They should be playing better than they are. The coach should make adjustments at half, if the qb is getting sacked, he is either holding the ball too long or the o-line is terrible. In that case, why not come back with screen passes or short passes in the flat? Some sort of adjustment has to be made. Just curious though, how long/short a leash does Chizik have before you begin to think that he isn't the right person for the job?

  • Jonathan Jernigan posted 1813 days ago

    Jonathan Jernigan

    The short of it... yes I still think you're an idiot lol. No, but seriously, when your QB gets sacked 8 times in a game, what do you do? Especially, when you your OL hasn't played that poorly all year... and then suddenly they give their worst performance. You tell me what Chizik is supposed to do under those circumstances, other than scream at or try to ingnite a fire under them at the half? Which I'm sure he addressed... but still didn't work. Look man, a coach can only do so much... he can't get out there and physically play the game for them. If the kids are sunk into some sort of self pity party and not willing to buy into what the coach is doing, then the coach is in a hard place... and yes, it's the coaches job to motivate, just like any employer with his/her employees. However, some employees just can't be motivated, and in that case they must be replaced.

  • Grant McKay posted 1813 days ago

    Grant  McKay

    You still think I'm an idiot for telling you Chizik is overrated? He let a crummy John L. Smith coached team beat him.